Anti-Microbial Protection

For added protection we can protect your scrubs with our  anti-microbial solution.

Permagard is the new anti-microbial treatment from Carrington’s that controls the growth of micro-organisms.  It can be applied to a wide range of fabrics and surfaces and is intended for use in the food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Unlike most anti-microbial products Permagard does not rely on the slow release of a poison to kill bacteria but utilises a mechanism that penetrates the cell wall and on contact destroys them.


Field trials followed by microbiological testing have shown that Permagard is still effective after 100 washes at 85°C.  The performance of Permagard has also been evaluated and verified by the Hospital Infection Control Research laboratory of the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust against MRSA and is independently accredited by the Law Laboratories Ltd in Birmingham.

The application of Permagard to fabrics does not alter any of the physical properties in terms of strength, appearance,  colour-fastness etc.

We have a wide ranging portfolio of products and 2013 saw the introduction of an extensive range of bespoke workwear. This combination of local service with global reach means we can provide locally available solutions and service tailored to the distinct needs of our UK customers, whilst offering global market knowledge and experience to support industry in all sectors and parts of the world.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and their longevity. Our exhaustive testing represents the ultimate definition of Fitness for Purpose.


The key factor in any garment’s performance is the fabric used in its construction. It must be chosen specifically to meet the garment’s purpose in terms of function, durability, wearer comfort and conformity with any relevant EU or industry standards.


Our ranges are manufactured in some of the most technically advanced fabrics and finishes available, performing above and beyond all required standards to give an even wider margin of reassurance. This results in garments that meet the highest levels of fitness for purpose, together with an exceptional ability to retain smartness, shape and colour throughout a long wash and wear life cycle.